How to Create a Strong Customer Service Experience in Your Business

Did you know that it costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one? This is just one of the reasons why you’ll want to establish a strong customer service experience for your business, as it gives them plenty of incentive to come back for more.

We know what you might be thinking though: making customers fall in love with your business is easier said than done. If this is the case, fear not. Today we’ll be walking you through the key ways you can create a strong customer service experience in your business.

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

In order to put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, you’ll first have to work out who your target customer is, along with their needs and wants. From here, you can aim to look at your business from the eyes of this customer in order to determine if your current customer service model is successful. What are their pain points and priorities? Are there parts of your process which could be made easier for the customer?

It’s important to map out the type of experience you want your customer to have, along with the ways in which you can make this a reality for them.

Highlight Customer Success Stories

When people see stories and examples of your successful customer service, it’s more likely to build their trust within your business, therefore helping them start out positively in their experience with you. The more examples a potential customer sees, the more understanding they’ll have for your brand, how you operate, and what you stand for.

Embrace Authenticity

If there’s one thing that will really set your business apart from the others out there, it’s authenticity. Authenticity shows a human element to your business and allows others to connect with you more easily. There are plenty of ways that you can embrace authenticity, particularly in the way you communicate with your customers – both in-person, online, and in your printed media.

Be Transparent

Customers don’t want to feel like they’re being lied to, nor do they want to feel as though they’re being taken advantage of. This is why it’s incredibly important to be as transparent as you can in your business, especially if you want to gain repeat customers and gain word of mouth referrals. This leads us to our next point…

Encourage Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective and reliable type of marketing, so it’s certainly something you’ll want to encourage. According to a study by Nielsen, 84% of consumers all over the world trust recommendations from friends and loved ones, so it’s vital if you want to send additional customers your way.

That’s not all though, as the Wharton School of Business reports that a customer you acquire from word of mouth has a 16-25% higher lifetime value than those you acquire from other sources. Not only does word of mouth marketing increase customer loyalty, but it also plays a huge role in making customers fall in love with your business.

These are just some of the ways you can create a stronger customer service experience in your business, not only to acquire new customers, but to attain them for years to come.

Over to you – what are some of the steps you put in place to make your customers fall in love with your business? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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