How to Deal with Late Paying Customers

When you’re running your own small business, one of the most frustrating challenges you’ll face is late paying customers. While there’s no doubt late invoices affect your cashflow, they can also wreak havoc on other areas of your already-busy work life. You simply don’t have enough hours in the day to spend chasing-up payments (even … Continued

5 Common Startup Business Mistakes

It isn’t easy to get a business up and running. Often, business owners will struggle to get their venture past the startup stage, however there are many steps you can put in place to avoid this. Today, we’ll be looking at the 5 most common startup business mistakes entrepreneurs often make, helping to steer you … Continued

Microloans for Startups and Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply

It doesn’t seem that long ago that small businesses and startups struggled to gain funding for their venture. Now, thanks to the emergence of several alternative lenders, small business owners can obtain finance through unsecured loans, including microfinance. Microfinance (also known as microloans and microcredit) has become a popular form of small business finance, as … Continued

Guest Post: The Top 10 Startup Business Ideas

Do you think you have what it takes to run a small business? Have you got entrepreneurial flair which can help you make your business a success? If you are ready to step into the world of small business, then here are some ideas to get you started on your business venture. To get you … Continued

How to Get a Small Business Loan Without Collateral

In order to grow your small business, you will most likely require financing at some stage or another – whether that’s the small boost in cash that a short-term business loan provides or longer-term assistance from other funding methods. Here’s the thing though: with many traditional lenders (i.e. banks) seeking collateral such as property to … Continued

How to Boost Your Credit Score in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you run a large enterprise or a small business, there’s no doubt that you have big plans for what the future entails. While it comes as no surprise that you’ll need various types of funding to make those dreams a reality, there is something that can stop you in your tracks: a bad credit … Continued

Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply for a Business Credit Card

Business credit cards can offer a wide range of benefits to small business owners, but beware: not all credit cards are created equally. From different fees, interest rates, repayment schedules, and conditions, it seems as though there’s an endless number of factors to take into consideration first. Understanding the ins and outs of credit cards … Continued

Drowning in Stock or Always Running Out? Here’s 5 Tips to Improve Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential for a successful business, but careful planning is needed to ensure you’re not left with too little or too much. Stock management is crucial for retailers to stay in business. After all, your products are what you’re there to provide for your customers, so you need to get it right. Having … Continued

What You Don’t Know About Payroll Management Could Sink Your Business

To avoid big fines due to non-compliance in payroll laws, small and medium businesses must skill up or outsource. Processing payroll correctly is not an easy feat, and without specialised help or training many small and medium businesses (SMBs) are making very costly mistakes. In fact, according to the Australian Payroll Association, and as outlined … Continued

4 Ways to Succeed as a Small Fashion Retailer

It’s not easy to succeed in retail these days, but if they’re smart about it, smaller retailers can buck the trend. Retailers in Australia haven’t exactly had it easy in recent years, with fashion stores in particular impacted by cautious consumer spending and strong competition, including from global and online brands. Several supposedly successful fashion … Continued


6 Key Benefits of Unsecured Business Loans

  Business growth often requires some debt. This could mean expanding to new premises, hiring staff, investing in new stock or being able to better manage your cash flow. At some stage, Australian business owners will seek funding from banks or alternative lenders in order to take their business to the next level.   It’s … Continued


How to nail Instagram for your restaurant, café or retail business

  There’s no denying photos make an emotional connection that text cannot. Not only are images easy to digest, instantly captivating and interesting; they ultimately make your brand more engaging and appealing. You don’t need to be a major brand or celebrity to grow your own Instagram following. And you definitely don’t need to pay … Continued

cashflow 101-6 tips to stay afloat

Cashflow 101: 6 tips to stay afloat

Running your own business brings with it a unique set of challenges, especially once you grow from sole trader to employer. The biggest of these challenges is managing cashflow. A 2016 survey by East & Partners found that more than six out of 10 Australians regularly or occasionally draw upon personal finances, like a personal … Continued